The Seven Stars

Our first ever interior project outside of Londonium, all the way down south in sunny Brighton! Would everyone please raise a glass to The Seven Stars of Brighton!

1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_000 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_01 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_04 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_05 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_06 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_09 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_010 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_012 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_017 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_019 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_021 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_022 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_024 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_026 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_028 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_030 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_035 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_061 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_064 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_065 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_066 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_068 copy

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