Marquess Tavern

The Marquess Tavern, London N1

It was such a pleasure to work with this beautiful listed building, built in the 1850′s alongside one of London’s hidden treasures, the New River. Our brief was to create a comfortable, homely, unpretentious feel focusing particularly on the grand conservatory at the rear which in its existing state, although it was always beautiful space, felt too stark and vast. It was important to play with heights in this space so we have added a beautiful, striking lighting feature made up of 28 individual pendants hung from the huge skylight, this in effect brings the eye level down away from the high ceiling void. The high reclaimed timber perch tables then raise the eye level away from the floor creating a much more varied and eclectic feel.  We also deepened and darkened the walls, filled them with artworks, books, and lights and laid down some rugs to add to the cosy feel of the space.

In general, throughout, we have gone for an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional with a slightly colonial edge. The greatest visual statements coming through in the light fittings which fill the space with warmth and interest. You will also notice visual references throughout, particularly in the artwork, to George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh, who both lived around the corner in Canonbury Square for many years.


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