Draft House Milton Keynes

Yep Draft House has hit MK and seems to be going down a treat with the locals. The building was a challenge to say the least but there is beauty to be found in every beast and this one did not disappoint. Long may it live.


Draft House Chancery is open!

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For the tastiest pint of unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell you will ever lay your mitts on head down to Draft House, 1 Plough Place, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1DE

Photographs courtesy of and copyright to the amazing http://www.dorriemcveigh.com/


The Gipsy Queen – Nearly there!

In just over 3 hours The Gipsy Queen will be opening its doors once again, brought to you by the ever amazing duo Susie and Joel of The Grafton.

Lots more info and photos of the refurb coming soon!

GIPSY QUEENFor more info looky here: http://thegipsyqueennw5.co.uk/

Defectors Weld

We’ve given the infamous Defectors Weld a gentle sprucing up, hooray!5831_163171_large 5831_163163_large 5831_163170_large 5831_163169_largeXBAR 2 LOBBY BAR ART GRAFITI LIGHTBOXThe-small-disco

Upstairs at The Grafton

After a long wait and a whole load of appealing The Grafton were finally given permission to build their roof terrace, after an even longer wait we finally managed to get down and do a photoshoot! Oh yeah and then there’s the Board Room. Have a looky at what we did!

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St James of Bermondsey – OPEN!

Its been a Rollercoaster ride but we got there in the end and from all the positive feedback received so far it was worth every bit of elbow grease. St James of Bermondsey officially opened at 11am today, phew!

Photoshoot will be happening some time in the near future. Until then, here’s the pub’s website: http://www.stjamesse16.com/

….and here are some spectacular illustrations of our last minute preparations http://www.stjamesse16.com/our-blog/ sketched up by the brilliant http://www.daveyf.co.uk/ (that’s Naomi in the stripey tights!)


Photo courtesy of http://tylertowers.me/

The Marquess Tavern, Islington

Finally…… we present to you the finished photos of The Marquess Tavern.

It was such a pleasure to work with this beautiful listed building, built in the 1850’s alongside one of London’s hidden treasures, the New River. Our brief was to create a comfortable, homely, unpretentious feel focusing particulary on the grand conservatory at the rear which in its existing state, although it was always beautiful space, felt too stark and vast. It was important to play with heights in this space so we have added a beautiful, striking lighting feature made up of 28 individual pendants hung from the huge skylight, this in effect brings the eye level down away from the high ceiling void. The high reclaimed timber perch tables then raise the eye level away from the floor creating a much more varied and eclectic feel.  We also deepened and darkened the walls, filled them with artworks, books, and lights and laid down some rugs to add to the cosy feel of the space.

In general, throughout, we have gone for an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional with a slightly colonial edge. The greatest visual statements coming through in the light fittings which fill the space with warmth and interest. You will also notice visual references throughout, particularly in the artwork, to George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh, who both lived around the corner in Canonbury Square for many years.

Well……. thats it from us, we are absolutely delighted with the result but we want to hear from you, so please send us your comments, we want to know what you think of our latest refurb! Email us relicinteriorslondon@gmail.com (P.s. sign up to the Marquess Tavern website and you’ll get a free drink!)

The Marquess Tavern, 32 Canonbury Street, London, N1 2TB


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