The Point, Eastleigh

The Point is a theatre and dance studios for contemporary performance and contemporary dance, owned and operated by Eastleigh Borough Council. Its an essential community hub and hopefully we’ve done it proud with our mini refurb. Long live the Point you are an inspiration!



Crooked Well – Mini Makeover

We wholeheartedly embraced the task of giving the much loved Crooked Well in Camberwell a mini makeover. We focused on the ambiance by deepening and darkening the colourways and created a brand new relaxed, informal drinking lounge alongside the dining area for all those who might fancy stopping for a tipple on their way home from work…..


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Photos courtesy of Harry Winteringham (Thanks Harry!)


Probably one of the most extreme and satisfying transformations to date, the wonderful PerryVale restaurant in Forest Hill. The reviews are flowing in from all directions and they’re all pretty damn good so far, keep them coming……hooray!

001 Main Floor 2 002 Floor from table 11 03 Bar through metal sign 003 Main Floor 03 004 detail  05 005 06 07 007 Bar from restaurant evening Front window Restaurant evening

The Gipsy Queen – A look inside

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Defectors Weld

We’ve given the infamous Defectors Weld a gentle sprucing up, hooray!5831_163171_large 5831_163163_large 5831_163170_large 5831_163169_largeXBAR 2 LOBBY BAR ART GRAFITI LIGHTBOXThe-small-disco

Nearly there!

Happy days at the Relic Interiors hind quarters as the dust is swept, shelves stocked and kegs are stashed all in good time, ready for the launch on Monday.

Heres to Draft House Hammersmith.


The Porchester – Bayswater

Brand spanking new design for The Porchester pub in Bayswater. Adieu Adieu you dark, stuffy, chintzy ol’ thaing…….

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