Ghost Whale – Brixton, UK

And the award for ‘Relic-Interior’s-most-enjoyable-project-of-the-year’ goes to Ghost Whale! It was a real pleasure from beginning to end and the clients were damned lovely, a joy to behold.

What once upon a time was a hairdressing salon on Atlantic Road in Brixton is now an independent Bottle shop and Tap room packed with a the most ridiculously large variety of beers we ever did see.

The brief was to design a multi-functional space, simple but atmospheric, modern but unpretentious. It needed to showcase their epic beer collection in the best possible way whilst providing an area to sit, drink and watch the good folk of Brixton go by. I think we might have whacked all those nails right there on the top of their bonnie wee heads.

So without further ado would you all please raise your Ghost Whale embossed glasses of thick, creamy and delicious ‘Death by Coconut’ porter and sing aloud ‘for they are jolly good fellows’ and be sure to pop by some day soon to check it out.

Toot Toot.

Go forth to Ghost Whale website

(photos courtesy and copyright of Jo Bongard, thank you Jo!)