Draft House – Birdcage

Everyone’s heard of the Birdcage pub on the infamous Columbia Road, with its beautiful tiled facade and its tales of Olde London wrapped up within its walls. In the 1600s it was the only building standing, a humble wooden shack believed to have been a public house even back then and later it became the backdrop to some of the sordid events of the gruesome Body Snatchers. Over the last few years the pub had taken a real beating and as a result had never looked more sorry for itself. In October this year Draft House gave Relic Interiors the task of resurrecting this historic pub by restoring and rethinking its interior and facade making it once again the beating heart of Columbia Road.

JOS2014064D00036 JOS2014064D00006 10805631_1509894949278642_7564819162503990061_nImages copyright and courtesy of the marvelous http://www.fraser-communications.co.uk/

Birdcage-Public-House-1930(Image shows the Birdcage circa 1930)

For more info visit http://www.drafthouse.co.uk/

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