The Tankard, Kennington

We gave this tired old pub a great big kick up the back side with a vibrant and refreshing rethink both inside and out. The facade which had become a confused, incoherent mix of colours and signage has been brought together with a pillar box red, off white and charcoal colour scheme, picking out all its beautiful features.

The interior is fresh and inviting without deviating from the feel of an authentic old boozer. Upstairs there is a little hole-in-the-wall bar which takes its inspiration from working men’s clubs and theatre bar with globe lights, neons and glossy paint. From here you can access the huge roof terrace with pergolas which divide up the space forming cosy niches.

Would you now please raise your tankard to The Tankard, another splendid Draft House!




And the award for ‘Relic-Interior’s-most-enjoyable-project-of-the-year’ goes to Ghost Whale! It was a real pleasure from beginning to end and the clients were damned lovely, a joy to behold.

What once upon a time was a hairdressing salon on Atlantic Road in Brixton is now an independent Bottle shop and Tap room packed with a the most ridiculously large variety of beers we ever did see.

The brief was to design a multi-functional space, simple but atmospheric, modern but unpretentious. It needed to showcase their epic beer collection in the best possible way whilst providing an area to sit, drink and watch the good folk of Brixton go by. I think we might have whacked all those nails right there on the top of their bonnie wee heads.

So without further ado would you all please raise your Ghost Whale embossed glasses of thick, creamy and delicious ‘Death by Coconut’ porter and sing aloud ‘for they are jolly good fellows’ and be sure to pop by some day soon to check it out.

Toot Toot.

Go forth to Ghost Whale website

(photos courtesy and copyright of Jo Bongard, thank you Jo!)

Draft House Milton Keynes

Yep Draft House has hit MK and seems to be going down a treat with the locals. The building was a challenge to say the least but there is beauty to be found in every beast and this one did not disappoint. Long may it live.

The Point, Eastleigh

The Point is a theatre and dance studios for contemporary performance and contemporary dance, owned and operated by Eastleigh Borough Council. Its an essential community hub and hopefully we’ve done it proud with our mini refurb. Long live the Point you are an inspiration!


Draft House Old St

So er we failed to mention something pretty massive that happened in May. DRAFT HOUSE OLD STREET HAPPENED!

That’s all, here are some snaps.

Photographs courtesy of and copyright to the amazing

Draft House Chancery is open!

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For the tastiest pint of unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell you will ever lay your mitts on head down to Draft House, 1 Plough Place, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1DE

Photographs courtesy of and copyright to the amazing


This Beast is Brewing

In just a few weeks the biggest Draft House to date will be complete, its amber rivers will be aflow, its mighty heart arumbling. Its a beast, a big magnificent beast of a bar and we are very excited. Hold on to your seats, wipe that sweaty brow and raise your dimpled tankard to a new beginning.

site pic

Draft House Chancery, 1 Plough Place, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1DE

For details on opening dates: