Defectors Weld

We’ve given the infamous Defectors Weld a gentle sprucing up, hooray.

More pics to come

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Draft House Hammersmith


Relic Interiors proudly present to you Draft House Hammersmith, our latest interior design venture with all the trimmings, its been an adventure and we’ve loved every minute of it.11026110_417474431711191_6856558382829504211_o-1

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Thank You Draft House for putting your trust in us.

Thank You Box Construction for making it happen.

Thank You Studio Frith for your incredible graphics, signage and everything else that makes Draft House what it is.

Thank You Dorrie McVeigh for the marvelous piccies.

Now lets calm down and make a cup of tea.



Nearly there!

Happy days at the Relic Interiors hind quarters as the dust is swept, shelves stocked and kegs are stashed all in good time, ready for the launch on Monday.

Heres to Draft House Hammersmith.


Birdcage – Resurrection

Everyone’s heard of the Birdcage pub on the infamous Columbia Road, with its beautiful tiled facade and its tales of Olde London wrapped up within its walls. In the 1600s it was the only building standing, a humble wooden shack believed to have been a public house even back then and later it became the backdrop to some of the sordid events of the gruesome Body Snatchers. Over the last few years the pub had taken a real beating and as a result had never looked more sorry for itself. In October this year Draft House gave Relic Interiors the task of resurrecting this historic pub by restoring and rethinking its interior and facade making it once again the beating heart of Columbia Road.

The doors to the Birdcage are now wide open!


JOS2014064D00006JOS2014064D00026Images copyright and courtesy of the marvelous

Birdcage-Public-House-1930The Birdcage Circa 1930

For more info about the Birdcage visit :


The Porchester – Bayswater

Brand spanking new design for The Porchester pub in Bayswater. Adieu Adieu you dark, stuffy, chintzy ol’ thaing…….

1247_The Porchester_Oct2014-14 1247_The Porchester_Oct2014-33 1247_The Porchester_Oct2014-43 1247_The Porchester_Oct2014-56 1247_The Porchester_Oct2014-66

All photos courtesy of


The Cooper’s Arms

Continuing the theme of “Our Summer of Pub” allow us to proudly present to you (our beloved beer guzzlers) THE COOPERS ARMS.


“Now doubt¬† – Now pain

Come never again

For her sight gives me sigh for sigh”

(That’s the moose we’re talking about BTW, such words for a pub would just be silly wouldn’t it?)

1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_0001 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_011 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_013 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_018 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_021 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_022 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_023 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_028 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_029garden 3 garden 2 garden 1 albert sign

Poetry by Edgar Allen Poe, taken from “Eulalie”

All photos courtesy and copyright of:

The Seven Stars – Brighton

Our first venture outside the great walls of Londinium, would you please raise a glass to The Seven Stars of Brighton!

1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_000 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_068 copy 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_066 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_065 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_064 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_061 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_035 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_030 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_028 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_026 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_024 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_022 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_021 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_019 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_017 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_012 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_010 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_09 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_06 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_05 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_04 1251_Seven Stars_Aug14_03 All images courtesy of


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