Probably one of the most extreme and satisfying transformations to date, the wonderful PerryVale restaurant in Forest Hill. The reviews are flowing in from all directions and they’re all pretty damn good so far, keep them coming……hooray!

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The Gipsy Queen – A look inside

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Today is the day…….

……the Perryvale Bistro & Bar welcomes in its very first customers…….Hip hip hooray! Lucky ol’ Forest Hill, they have a right little gem on their doorstep.

For more info:


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More pics coming soon!

The Gipsy Queen – Nearly there!

In just over 3 hours The Gipsy Queen will be opening its doors once again, brought to you by the ever amazing duo Susie and Joel of The Grafton.

Lots more info and photos of the refurb coming soon!

GIPSY QUEENFor more info looky here:

Defectors Weld

We’ve given the infamous Defectors Weld a gentle sprucing up, hooray!5831_163171_large 5831_163163_large 5831_163170_large 5831_163169_largeXBAR 2 LOBBY BAR ART GRAFITI LIGHTBOXThe-small-disco

Draft House Hammersmith


Relic Interiors proudly present to you Draft House Hammersmith, our latest interior design venture with all the trimmings, its been an adventure and we’ve loved every minute of it.11026110_417474431711191_6856558382829504211_o-1

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Thank You Draft House for putting your trust in us.

Thank You Box Construction for making it happen.

Thank You Studio Frith for your incredible graphics, signage and everything else that makes Draft House what it is.

Thank You Dorrie McVeigh for the marvelous piccies.


Nearly there!

Happy days at the Relic Interiors hind quarters as the dust is swept, shelves stocked and kegs are stashed all in good time, ready for the launch on Monday.

Heres to Draft House Hammersmith.



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