The Cooper’s Arms

Continuing the theme of “Our Summer of Pub” allow us to proudly present to you (our beloved beer guzzlers) THE COOPERS ARMS.


“Now doubt  – Now pain

Come never again

For her sight gives me sigh for sigh”

(That’s the moose we’re talking about BTW, such words for a pub would just be silly wouldn’t it?)

1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_0001 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_011 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_013 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_018 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_021 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_022 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_023 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_028 1038_CoopersArms_Sep14_029garden 3 garden 2 garden 1 albert sign

Poetry by Edgar Allen Poe, taken from “Eulalie”

All photos courtesy and copyright of:

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