Old Mary’s Bar opens its doors!

“The story of Old Mary is one of love, intrigue and tragedy, and now cocktails and craft beers too in what used to be the servant’s quarters of the original house

Mary came to London from the countryside in search of work, she was young, pretty and a little naïve. After a chance meeting with the young Lord Craven at Lancaster Gate, he took pity on the young girl and offered her work in his kitchens. The other servants very quickly took to Mary with her mild manner and sweet charm.

She was in awe of the handsome Lord Craven and he doted on her, they fell in love and planned to run away together, but Lord Craven’s wife had other plans………Mary was found in the Scullery with a knife through her heart. It’s been said that Mary can still be heard weeping in the kitchens of the Mitre, so if you feel a chill or hear a whisper, fear not, it’s just Old Mary searching for her love………”

Or so they say……..


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Enjoy a Bloody Mary with Old Mary at Old Mary’s……..

For more info follow link to the Old Mary’s website shown on side bar

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